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Sunday October 11, 2009

Reunion XC Race & Earth Drummers XC Invitational
Distance: 4 miles cross country
Time: 8:00 a.m. Reunion XC Race & 9:00 a.m. Earth Drummers XC Invitational *
Location: Harbin Park in Fairfield

Contact: Greg McCormick or Randy Cox
Phone: 513.240.7015 or 513.244.2151

Event Information:
High School Cross Country Is Back!!!
(For All Ages)

Reunion XC Race (an age-graded team and individual event)

It's not too early to start getting your team together
How would you like to be the point person who shares this with other individuals from your High School?
Recruit friends from your high school - young and old, male or female
Age-Grading allows individuals of all ages and both sexes to equally run against each other
This is a cross country course unlike any other that you ran on when in high school
Miss this race and you miss and unforgettable experience.

Event Information:
The Earth Drummers and Bob Roncker's Running Spot will host two cross country foot races that precede the prestigious national caliber BioWheels Cyclocross races. Runners will use the same fenced off course as the cyclists. It is rolling with some steep climbs. The route also includes sand pits to traverse and plenty of twists and turns. This two loop race (each being about 2 miles) is very spectator friendly. 

8:00 a.m. 
The Reunion XC Race is open to the public. This race will have individual and team components. All awards will be determined by age/gender grading.

Entrants will list the high school they attended. If five or more individuals graduated from the same high school, they automatically create a team that will be compared with other participating teams (schools). 

The first five finish places (as determined by age-grading) from each school will be added and counted toward the team total. Remember high school cross country? Combined male and female age-grading will determine the scoring places. "Teams" of all ages, different or mixed genders will be compared with each other. There is only one team division. A school may have unlimiited "pushers". 

Note: Individuals not affiliated with teams are welcome. 

9:00 a.m. 
* The Earth Drummers XC Invitational (male and female) is part of the Buckeye Challenge Series. It will have team and individual competitions. Teams need to be USATF registered clubs. At least five finishers make up a team. Actual finish positions (unlike the earlier race) determine both the team and individual scores. 

To compete in this race it is recommended that men be able to run 4 miles in less than 22:00 and women in less than 25:00.

Net proceeds donated to the University of Cincinnati Men's Track & Field Scholarship Fund.

Click below for a more complete description of age-grading.
More info about this special event:


Q I know of a couple of people who didn't go to high school in Cincinnati. How about a masters team or people who are affiliated with a school parents or teachers or runners that are younger than high school. Just a thought. I've run the race the last two years. It sounds as if we are not going to go into the deep woods.

A No problem if they did not go to a school in Cincinnati or they have not entered high school yet. They can still enter and run as an individual. They just won't be on a team. We want the teams to be composed of individuals who actually went to that particular school. There will be age-graded scorings for individuals as well as teams.

This year I'd like to see how it is following the path of the bikers. This year we shall not be racing in the deep woods.

Paste this URL for more Age-Grading Information

Youtube video of Harbin Park xc course below.

We hope to see you on the 11th.
Bob Roncker

More info about this special event:

Running Spot Exerstride Method™ Nordic walking
Distance: 1B & 2B
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Location: Harbin Park in Fairfield

Contact: Paul Malott
Phone: 513.271.1564

Event Information:
Each Sunday Bob Roncker's Running Spot/New Balance stores will host an Exerstride Method™ Nordic walking session at a different site around the Greater Cincinnati area. Our intent is to show you routes not normally taken. Often they will be off pavement. A sense of adventure and discovery will accompany these walks.

The time and terrain for the walk will be classified:
1, 2, or 3 refers to the number of anticipated hours for the walk. You may choose how long you wish to be out.
A, B, or C refers to the difficulty of the terrain. A is rather level, B has a mixture of hills and level terrain, and C is rather hilly.
A 2C course would be a two hour walk over a rather hilly route.

Exerstride Method™ Nordic walking is a cross between Nordic (cross-country) skiing and fitness walking. Exerstride Method™ Nordic walkers use specially designed Exerstrider® Nordic walking poles to exercise all the upper body muscles as they walk. Not only do you get Steps, you get Reps.

This form of exercise is enjoyable and it provides a total body workout as it uses more muscle groups than ordinary walking. It tones the entire upper body, burns more calories and significantly increases the aerobic benefits of walking. It is an excellent form of cross training for runners, walkers, and other exercise enthusiasts.

To participate, Exerstrider® Nordic walking poles are not required, but they are recommended. Exerstride Method™ Nordic walking lessons are given at 7:45 a.m. each week prior to the actual walk. Loaner Exerstrider® Nordic walking poles are available.


Dog Jog 2009 and “Barktoberfest”
Distance: 2-mile run with your dog; 1-mile walk with your dog
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Spirit of 76 Shelter; Lunken Playfield

Contact: Greg McCormick
Phone: 513.652.6225
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