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Table of Contents

01. Introduction

02. Minimalist Shoes And The Natural Running Movement – What Are They And Why Do We Care?
By Chris Reis and Bob Roncker

03. The Running Spot View on Minimalist Footwear: “Is it right for you?”
By Joe Brinkmann

04 Smooth Running:
A Guide to Improved Running Form
How To Run Better

Developed and Presented by Bob Roncker

05 Much Ado About Minimalism: The Science and Practice of Reducing Your Running Shoes
By Richard A. Lovett
As featured in the April 2010 issue of Running Times Magazine

06 A Short List of Running and Walking Form Comments
By Bob Roncker

07 Study Reports That Shorter Strides Can Have Many Benefits
University of Wisconsin

08 Natural Running Form

09 Maximizing Stride Length and Rate

10 Breathing Patterns While Running

11 Running Form Videos

12 Common Form Problems and Solutions

13 Improving Strength and Flexibility

14 Basic Barefoot Training
By Walt Reynolds

15 Basic Barefoot Training Videos
By Walt Reynolds

16 Three Key Approaches to Improve Running Form

17 Drills To Improve Your Running Mechanics
By Danny Abshire, co-founder, Newton Running

18 Achilles Tendonitis Treatment
By Owen Anderson

19 Protecting the Hamstrings
By Walt Reynolds

20 Protecting the Calf Muscles
By Walt Reynolds

01. Introduction
By Bob Roncker and Chris Reis

There is a lot of discussion now about minimalist footwear and running form and technique. Each of these topics involves change and adjustment. If you are considering moving to a minimalist shoe or a new style of running, we feel a responsibility to provide information so you are more aware of what is needed. You would not think of going into a weightroom for the first time and begin lifting the heaviest barbell. Identical principles apply here. It’s important to start with what you can easily handle, listen to how your body is responding to the stimuli, and gradually progress as you adapt to ever higher levels.

Conversations about running form and technique have not been common in the past. Now, many individuals are interested in exploring ways to run that differ from the common heel-strike first method. Many different names describe mid-foot running, Barefoot, Chi, Natural, Good Form, Pose and the one we use at the Running Spot, Smooth Running. There are commonalities with all of these titles. For purposes of simplicity we will hereafter refer to this style of running as Smooth Running.

We generally define minimalist footwear as those shoes having no more than 4-5mm (around 1/8 inch) difference in lift between the forefoot and the heel area. The standard running shoes have had a drop of 10-12mm. We believe that there are distinct advantages to adopting Smooth Running techniques. Because minimalistic footwear allows a greater awareness of the ground, you can more easily mimic Smooth Running with minimalistic shoes. But, keep in mind that wearing minimalist footwear is not a panacea. These shoes are not for everyone. You can take up Smooth Running with most any type of shoes.

If you are seriously interested in understanding this form of running, and if you are considering it for your own use and pleasure, we have for you a series of articles, videos, and photos that provide a great deal of information on these topics. We hope you enjoy them as they help you become a Smooth Runner.

Bob Roncker and Chris Reis

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